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Author joe mechlinski provides a simple, yet powerful, growth strategy for small to midsized businesses to create fundamental organizational change. His debut book, grow regardless, became an instant bestseller. For more information about the book or author, visit. The author shares the method he has used to help hundreds of companies grow despite a tough economy and what he calls a government in gridlock. Its where workers are empowered to find their purpose regardless of historic limitations and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Joe mechlinski, ceo and founder of shift, reveals 70% of the. Ceo and small business expert joe mechlinski launches first book, grow regardless offers practical guide to developing highgrowth, missiondriven companies. Book joe mechlinski for speaking, events and appearances apb. A decade after shifts inception, joe compiled the lessons he learned from his early life experiences, and his work with more than 600 organizations across the country, into the 20 new york times bestseller. Grow regardless morgan james publishing joe mechlinski. Joe mechlinski, ceo and cofounder of cantonbased management consulting firm entrequest, released his first book, grow regardless. Want to grow your business, regardless of your size, industry, or the current government. Growing up in innercity baltimore, joe learned firsthand what itos like to be undervalued and underserved. This book provides simple, yet powerful, tools that.

Joe mechlinski new york times bestselling author, ceo. Joe is a community advocate, speaker, entrepreneur and bestselling author. Joes latest book, shift the work, shares his personal journey to find purpose, and how it influenced him to take a. Grow regardless ny times bestselling book shift shift the work. After graduating from one the worst high schools in baltimore, joe attended one of the best colleges in the country, became an entrepreneur and. Ceo and small business expert joe mechlinski launches. Joe mechlinski is recognized as a nationwide authority on u. Joe is a popular speaker and bestselling nonfiction author. This book provides simple, yet powerful, tools that can transform your business into a missiondriven growth organization. Joe mechlinski is a new york times bestselling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur who believes that an engaged workforce is the key to unlocking human potential and creating businesses where money and mission are no longer mutually exclusive. Read grow regardless of your businesss size, your industry or the economy and despite the government. Of your businesss size, your industry or the economy. In my book shift the work, i explore engagement at the workplace. The most overlooked ingredient of success, with author joe mechlinski.

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