Pl95 tube data booklet

Note especially the space and clearance requirements necessary for servicing the unit. Pl80a dimensional drawing dimensions in mm inch 84 3. The 6s19p triodes are miniature devices enclosed in glass bulb and are provided with a ninepin base, rigit leads and an indirectly heated oxidecoated cathode. Functions of easymp network projection 5 functions of easymp network projection you can use easymp network projection to project your computer screen from the projector via a network. Pl95 ei former yugoslavia audio power output single. Here youll find manufacturers data sheets and curves for many popular and some not so popular electronic valve types. I have incoming data and i want to compute the average, 95th and 99th percentile of that data i am most interested in the last values. Net tube data here youll find manufacturers data sheets and curves for many popular and some not so popular electronic valve types. At present time, these data are most complete and exact. Russian 6p3s, 6p3se 6n3c, 6n3ce general tetrode, used in output stages of low frequency amplifiers. This is a list of european mullardphilips vacuum tubes and their american equivalents. This is the amalgamated data from three mullard data books from the late 20s to late 30s. The el95 was also used in pushpull to produce six to seven watts of output.

Ge essential characteristics, the whole 228 page book in an indexed pdf file big, 11mb. With almost datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000. The el95 developed from the el42 and its pushpull role was replaced by the double pentode ell80. The cathode tube is not flat across the broad face. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, i assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein. Electron devices svetlana 8200 south memorial parkway huntsville, al 35802 usa phone.

Home tubes 6j1pev ef95 6f32 pentode tubes lot of 10 new. Data for soviet tubes can be found the same way as the other tubes. Can you confirme the possibility of ordering a quad twins tube for my auris ha2. In this exhibit we see that the pl82 is a direct match for the procurement standard for the cv10709.

I177 series tube tester settings data antique airwaves. Valves still in production or stock for revalving are not listed here. Each file contains the information on all updating of a onetube type also the static and dynamic curves. Real float binary 21 or real float decimal 6 float8. Uhf voltage amplification in grounded cathode circuit in input and wideband amplifiers. The following list shows the tube types i have entered in my database, with exception of the service. Direct heating cathode, medium power consumption triode is used for class a amplification. The cv10709 is the uk government specification for a valve that has the pl82 as its commercial equivalent.

For expanded educational material on fluid power, see textbook listings on the back cover. Vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie and electron tube accessories. Constituencies in pl95 every pl95 parliamentary constituency from the office for national statistics. Sharing the projector over the network allows you to project data from different computers without changing the signal cable.

The thin glass tube envelope is 21 mm in diameter and, excluding the b9a base pins, is 71 mm tall. Tube pl 95 or rohre pl95 id18627, beam power tube, miniatur7pinbase b7g, usa 1940 and poweroutput shown. The 6n1p has similar ratings to the 6dj8 and in the past was sometimes rebranded as such, however differences between the two types the 6n1p. If you cant find what you need here, try duncans tube data sheet locator. Pl80a, product data sheet sick sensor intelligence. It is dedicated to be used in audio frequency range which requires the output power 100w. The 5751wa tube is a rugged military version of the 5751, and is the closest equivalent to the 6n2pev. Up for sale, power audio output single tube pl95 premium quality, low noise and low microphony. You can find exacter data, having investigated the characteristics of a tube for. Isola group 3100 west ray road suite 301 chandler, az 85226 phone. Wcox056107b watercooled packaged chillers with helical.

The 6s19p triode is designed for operation as a regulator tu in electronic voltage stabilizers. Only those valves in current production, with full or half page data are listed. Ac2 triode for use as af amplifier or as oscillator together with an ah1. I believe it covers all the valves mullard made for domestic receivers between 1925 and 1937. The thin glass tube envelope is 17 mm in diameter and, excluding the b7g base pins, is 52 mm tall. In the 1970s an improved and more rugged version of the 6n2 was introduced, designated 6n2pev russian. Lawrence berkeley national laboratory introduction. I change this directory structure often and your links will not work correctly. Downloads, supreme instruments manuals, tube data, and. Ask your catching inside sales person for a printed copy.

Currently, a 12ax7 variant derived from the 6n2pev is being produced by sovtek, under the designation 12ax7wa. Hall electric with their haltron brand were resellers and mainly supplied for export. Pl95 open data including one parliamentary constituency, one electoral ward, three nuts codes, two lau codes, and the one postcode sector within pl95. At any time, id like to query this object to get any of the three values this can occur at any time, not just when the numbers seen mod is 0. For some tube listings, other instructions may be present in the notations column that may direct you to connect the 12inch lead to other locations.

Fluid rower data book a collection of useful fluid power data, published in this condensed form for convenient reference. We organise uk open data by location and signpost the source. Xray properties of elements electron binding energies xray energy emission energies fluorescence yields for k and l shells principal auger electron energies. The most significant difference between the two is that 6n2p has its two filament elements connected in parallel, unlike the series filament connection of the 12ax7, and it is thus only possible.

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